Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stargrunt 25mm Troopers from Ground Zero Games

I have always had a soft spot for true 25mm sci fi figures. Maybe it is because I remember the time, years ago, when the ONLY sci-fi gaming miniatures to be had were 25s from the Reversico (Starguard), Grenadier, and maybe a  few other sources.

Then came Ground Zero Games and their Stargrunt line. These figures blew me away from the first time I saw them. To me, the epitomize the look and feel of "hard" sci fi military figures. No spikes, skulls, or parchment scroll adornments here! The only other maker in the 25/28mm range for me is Pig Iron, with their excellent and expanding range.

So, as a result of another project, I wound up snapping some pics of a portion of my GZG forces, and I thought I would share them here. Most of these pics were shot hastily over my lunch break, so I apologize for the washed out effect. I will try to snap some better ones later.

This platoon is a combination of GZG New Israeli infantry and Denizen Venturan infantry. Stylistically they seemed similar enough to me that I was happy to mix them.
A close-up of some of the New Israelis and Venturans together.
NSU Armored Infantry Platoon. After several horrible starts and much Simple Green, I was ultimately pretty happy with the way these turned out.
A close-up of some NSU infantry. I like how this color scheme makes them vaguely reminiscent of Stormtroopers!
More NSU close-ups. I really have to get around to painting their heavy PA backup.

UNSC Power Armor Infantry. I painted these as Imperial Marines from Traveller, based on some of the cover art from the books.

Denizen's 25mm Venturans-A Size Comparison

Ordinarybass of TMP requested some comparison photos of Denizen's wonderful 25mm Venturan armored alien infantry. I am fortunate enough to have a small number of these figures, and they grow on me more all the time. I sure do wish the great folks at Denizen would continue to add to their 25mm sci fi range (wink wink!), but none have been forthcoming in some time.

I managed to slip home on my lunch break and snap some fast pictures. Sorry for the quality-these were quickies!

In any case, on with the comparisons:
A pair of Venturans flanking a GZG New Israeli trooper (left) and a GW Cadian Imperial Guardsmen (right).

A close-up of two of the Venturans and the EM-4 trooper. They seem a close enough match to me.

An Urban War Viridian Colonial Marine, A Wargames Foundry Shock Trooper, an EM-4 Trooper, and a Denizen Venturan (from left to right).

Finally, a close-up of a Venturan with a GZG New Israeli. Although both are supposed to be true 25s, you can see that the Denizen figure is a little taller. The difference is so minor, though, that it doesn't deter me from using them together.