Thursday, March 3, 2011

Denizen's 25mm Venturans-A Size Comparison

Ordinarybass of TMP requested some comparison photos of Denizen's wonderful 25mm Venturan armored alien infantry. I am fortunate enough to have a small number of these figures, and they grow on me more all the time. I sure do wish the great folks at Denizen would continue to add to their 25mm sci fi range (wink wink!), but none have been forthcoming in some time.

I managed to slip home on my lunch break and snap some fast pictures. Sorry for the quality-these were quickies!

In any case, on with the comparisons:
A pair of Venturans flanking a GZG New Israeli trooper (left) and a GW Cadian Imperial Guardsmen (right).

A close-up of two of the Venturans and the EM-4 trooper. They seem a close enough match to me.

An Urban War Viridian Colonial Marine, A Wargames Foundry Shock Trooper, an EM-4 Trooper, and a Denizen Venturan (from left to right).

Finally, a close-up of a Venturan with a GZG New Israeli. Although both are supposed to be true 25s, you can see that the Denizen figure is a little taller. The difference is so minor, though, that it doesn't deter me from using them together.

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