Monday, February 1, 2010

First Foray

I've sworn for some time that I would not the trend and would resist the seductive temptation to create my own blog. You see before you the manifestation of my iron will. Yes. I caved.

There are some wonderful and inspirational blogs out there in the miniature and gaming fields that are always a delight to view and that add great richness to our hobby. Both BigRedBatcave's site and DeanMoto's have given me much enjoyment, both for the pleasure of viewing their excellent work, and for spurring me to improve my own skill. I would not attempt to compete with these authors. I also was inspired by the blogging efforts of my friend Thorlongus, whose long list of cool and interesting projects are always great fun to follow.

Instead, I intend to use this blog for two specific purposes.

First, I would like to keep an ongoing electronic journal that will document my major projects of 2010. This will be primarily for my own benefit, as I would like to structure my modelling, painting, and gaming activities in a more focused manner than they have been up until now. I simply have too many plastic bins filled with half-finished projects! I am hoping that by posting brief articles, pictures, and updates on all my new projects in 2010, I will have an extra incentive to see them through.

These are the new projects I am looking forward to launching in 2010.

-Painting Projects (all 28mm unless otherwise posted)
1) Wargames Factory Viking warband
2) Wargames Factory/Old Glory Republican Roman army
3) Wargames Factory Celtic warband
4) Foundry/Old Glory WotR army
5) Old Glory Saxon army
6) Old Glory Norman army
7) 1/72 Medievals, Ancients, and Moderns (this will be ongoing)
8) Nexus Swat platoon
9) Urban War Viridian platoon
10) Modern Chechen rebel platoon

-Modelling/Rebasing Projects
1) Modular plug-in unit basing for 3/4" and 1" round-based figures
2) Futuristic/modern terrain piece moulds
3) Futuristic desert dwelling
4) Generic 1/72 buildings
5) Generic medieval fortress/outpost

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