Sunday, July 10, 2011

In the Emperor's Name-News in the Pipeline

Craig Cartmell has published his excellent free ruleset In the Emperor's Name on his website, so you can hop over and download them here.

A new addition to the core rules that differs from the beta version is the inclusion of a nifty little rule called Knock Down. Essentially, any model that survives an attack by rolling its Grit value exactly survives the attack, but his close call stuns, pins, or otherwise incapacitates him briefly. The figure is laid down and cannot stand up again until it later passes a further successful Grit roll in its next activation. Failure means it stays down longer, but success means it can stand up and begin taking actions normally again. It's a cool little addition that looks to add more texture and variability to the already fast, fun bloodiness of ItEN.

In the cards for future releases of ItEN are retinue lists for Necrons, the Eldar and Dark Eldar, and more space orks. I have never been a fan of any of the 40K "fantasy" races, but it seems I can deal with them much better in this setting than I ever could in official 40K game products. So I am actually excited about their inclusion in ItEN. Part of my excitement lies in the fact that you are really free to make what you will these factions what you will.

Even better, Craig is currently working on a VSF version of ItEN called In the Queen's Name. Now anyone who wishes for a fast and furious game of Victorian derring do with a sci fi bent need look no further. This is not my favorite genre, but I would still love to try it out. It would at least give my Zulu War Brits some new adversaries....

Last, I am currently working on a variation of ItEN of my own that I hope to be posting on the Yahoo group soon. Being stuck 12-14 hours a day in my office at work tends to leave me with some minutes to fill during days when "on the clock" doesn't really seem to apply any more. I will leave the content a surprise, but I think it will do justice to Craig's terrific core ruleset. It will also use a variation of my campaign system, so all you solo gamers out there will have one more option. :)

I have been unable to get back to the game table to play the second game in my ItEN campaign. A combination of an ever-expanding list of responsibilities at work and health issues at home have conspired to pretty much knock out all my personal time for now. When I do finally get around to my game, I will post a full account here.

Until then, here is a little musical interlude that to my mind seems most fitting for setting the mood for a  Dark Future game setting, and if any musical account of familial corruption could spell out "Genestealer Brood infestation" for me, it would have to be this one. And if you are not familiar with Bruce Dickenson's solo works, well, get to it-you're missing out! Enjoy!

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